Zelo sheds tears as Yongguk talks about him at B.A.P Live On Earth Seoul 2014.
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"vips/ygfam stans are always so chill about scandals"

Some of ya’ll are so fucking insane. 

These fools, I swear. “You look like a prostate”?? Too bad she didn’t realize she spelled it wrong + was inadvertently hilarious.


Happening NOW: 30,000 Chinese workers strike at the world’s largest producer of athletic shoes such as Nike and Adidas over pay, benefits, and the right to choose a union. The strike, China’s largest in decades, has shutdown production for two weeks and caused the company’s stock price to plummet.

Bloomberg News reports:

"Workers have disrupted production in Yue Yuen’s Dongguan factory complex, which employs more than 40,000 people, since April 14 in a dispute over pay, benefits and the right to pick their own union. More than 50 percent of the workers were on strike today, Liu said. China Labour Watch, which estimated the striking workers at about 30,000, said a small number had returned to work, without quantifying it.”

onho’s last words in argentina

The sweetest of them all

K-pop explained: Onew’s neck injury


Title: Onew’s neck injury
Author: Horramata
Pairing: none
Genre: comedy
Rating: G
Length: One-Shot
Author’s Note: part of the K-pop explained series on Asianfanfics. I try to come up with a possible explanation for all the weird things that happen in K-pop.

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